Wish You Were Herepic

Wish You Were Here

WOO! i got this in the mail yesterday. couldn't be more stoked. I started reading it a little bit, and its everything Everybody Hurts was, and…
keaton Mar 31, 2009
Bye bye SideBrick, hello CrackBerry!pic

Bye bye SideBrick, hello CrackBerry!

So I broke my sidekick like whoah, and I got the new blackberry curve from tmobile. Its so great. I even have an app that…
keaton Mar 28, 2009


We were driving behind a hearse and it gave me the heebie jeebies! Ignore the taking back sunday in the background - Taken at 12:39…
keaton Mar 28, 2009

life life life life

so i haven't been on buzznet in fooorever. ive been so busy with my new site,, school (baha not really), shows, and Ive been…
keaton Mar 19, 2009

so the other day, me and my friend matt made a website like but for scenekids. I'm doing all the posts, and we are…
keaton Feb 26, 2009

Taking Back Keaton

so adam lazzara's baby, Keaton Ari Danger Lazzara and i share the same name.
keaton Feb 24, 2009

Interview with Stephen Chbosky- Author of THE PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER.

i just got an im from my friend lauren telling me she has an interview up with the author of the perks of being a…
keaton Feb 23, 2009

theres this little thing called life. and its pretty insane.

So lately, i have been doing a lot of living. I dont mean existing, i mean living. This is always something i have felt the…
keaton Feb 23, 2009
Take Action Tour pt2!pic

Take Action Tour pt2!

so I went to take action on tuesday for alt press, and it was a party!! I had so much fun, words don't even describe…
keaton Feb 21, 2009
Can't buy me lovepic

Can't buy me love

-for my valentine Foblover16 :)
keaton Feb 16, 2009

pace class of 13!

I got accepted to pace university in new york city today. im so happy about it. a monitor fell on my foot tonight. it hurts. I feel…
keaton Feb 12, 2009

On Zee Road

photos of when i travel....
2 new pics
keaton Feb 10, 2009

LOL @ Arizona Super Bowl viewers!

according to BBC news, "US sports fans in Arizona got a surprise when their TV coverage of American football's Super Bowl was interrupted by a…
keaton Feb 02, 2009

Fuck you MBTA

so, on my way home from regina's the bus fucked me over and I wrote the MBTA (massachusetts bay transportation association) an email: im on a…
keaton Jan 30, 2009

Mister Johny Zam

yesterday, me and Johny hung out. We used to be best best friends and he would literally come over every day of summer and we'd…
2 new pics
keaton Jan 30, 2009

Keaton Andrew, show photography

not only does Keaton take some really great pictures, and has been featured in magazines such as alt press, WE HAVE THE SAME NAME..!!!!! maybe im…
keaton Jan 28, 2009

Polaroid is SAVED!

According to the UK paper, The Independant, "For a generation, the Polaroid camera gave near-instant pleasure to millions of users around the world, chronicling…
keaton Jan 28, 2009
best liscence plate everpic

best liscence plate ever

so, im on rt 15 with heather on our way to Vibe Lounge for launch party, and cause love and reverie is playing, and…
keaton Jan 23, 2009
oldie but a goodiepic

oldie but a goodie

ive had this polaroid sitting in a shoebox since july 2nd 2006....never bothered to post it online until now. Dusty, the Lucient Dossier performer gave this…
keaton Jan 18, 2009
Event Recap: 116 Flight of the Conchords screening and drinking... partypic

Event Recap: 1/16 Flight of the Conchords screening (and drinking...) party

Last night, Cornerstone Promotions (HBO's mother company), had a screening party for the new season of Flight of the Conchords at Great Scott in Allston…
keaton Jan 17, 2009

I am coining a term. all users, beware.

I am officially coining the term "Nouveau Indie". NOUVEAU? indie?? yes. basically, nouveau indie is hipster music. Now, unlike the rest of the world i…
keaton Jan 15, 2009
okay, okay you got SOMETHING right.pic

okay, okay you got SOMETHING right.

I babysit like twice a week, and unlike my tv-less house, the girl i sit for has cable...with EVERY channel ever, including MTVU. Now, MTV…
keaton Jan 15, 2009
the best pasta sauce in the world.vid
keaton Jan 14, 2009
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I'm Keaton, and I'm all about growing up. I wake up every day, and despite my day being great or fucking miserable, i try and understand that things are the way they are because thats how everything works. I'm trying to understand that friends are not forever and that relationships (friendships or more) are only temporary situations that one needs to learn to live with as side dish, not the main course.
I live in Boston, am moving to New York, and spend entirely too much time on the Hutchinson River Parkway and the New Jersey Turnpike. I have too many jobs that i love and hate school all too much. If you dislike me, please tell me why: im all about criticisim, because without it i will never feel the need to change and therefore never grow as a person.

Anything else you want to know about me, ask!


Shows, New York City, Philly, roadtrippin, having fun, shennagins.

Favorite Music:, Envy on the Coast, Portugal. The Man, Good Old War, The Scenic, Go Radio, Vega Under Fire, Person L, The Sleeping, Noah and the Whale, TREOS, Secret Lives of the Freemasons, Teeter, The Bigger Lights, Sparks the Rescue, Circa Survive, Anthony Green, You Me and Everyone We Know, Forgive Durden, and the list goes on and on....

Favorite Movies:

Into The Wild, Harriet The Spy, Juno, Pineapple Express, Superbad

Favorite TV Shows:

Fresh Prince, Degrassi, Sabrina, Ugly Betty

Favorite Books:

anything written by Johnathan Safran Foer, 1984, Into The Wild, PLEASE reccomend books to read!